heather & kevin ~ engagement ~ bozeman, montana wedding photographer

I honestly can’t tell you how this entire shoot came about. 


I remember driving to Bozeman, Montana to hang out with Jeremiah Spray, then onward to Missoula go shoot some people in love and their goats, too. ( No really. Click here.)


Something about pulling up to his house, running in slow motion towards each other, doves flying up in between us, going for a slow-mo chest bump, completely missing each other, and then falling over. 

Or maybe I just made that up. 

Either way, we hung out, found some people in love, and shot them. Or Jeremiah shot them rather, while I shot Jeremiah and basically did a whole lot of not much while watching him work. You can see his blog on them here.

Have I mentioned he’s an incredible photographer? Not in that, this person is another photographer that’s a friend of mine so I’m going to be nice and pat them on the head and say nice things about them..kinda way.

More the….this guy freaks me out with how good he is and watching him work is kinda depressing sometimes and inspiring at the same time…kinda way. So yeah, I like working with him.


Heather and Kevin (and Jeremiah) we’re kind enough to let me tag along during their engagement shoot last year in Bozeman, MT. And for those of you that haven’t been to Bozeman, go. But not if you’re in a hurry. In fact, don’t do anything in Montana if you’re in a hurry. You’ll get a lot of weird looks and you’ll miss it completely. Go to Bozeman, sit in the middle of downtown in a coffee shop, then pop next door and grab a burger and beer, then stroll down to the music store and pick up a banjo if you’re inclined to, then hike up the huge mountain outside of town.

But wait at least an hour after the burger and beer. (Trust me.)

Random shots I wanted to share of a seriously fun couple, on a really great trip. 





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