natalie & tim ~ wedding ~ missoula, montana wedding photographer

I once agreed to do a wedding in partial trade for a baby goat and a bottle of vodka. 

That sounds like a lead-in to a joke, doesn’t it. I’m actually serious. 


It was a really cute goat though, if that helps. 


Natalie and Tim were married on their ranch outside of Missoula, Montana. Missoula is that quirky, awesome little town that is on my top three favorite places to shoot list, the other two being Lake Tahoe and Key West. If I have any remotely decent reason to go there, I’ll go. And if someone calls and tells me they’re getting married on a ranch with goats and yaks, and do I want a baby goat and some vodka as well…….then that’s a big, fat yes. Actually. 

I honestly had every intention of bringing my baby goat home, but somewhere between buying a crate large enough for it, and explaining to the hotel clerk on the way home why my dog went ” Ba-a-a-a-a-aaa” instead of ” woof”, I figured it best just to be a foster parent and send him money once in awhile. It works out better this way, as I get random updates on him and have a picture he drew with his little hoof prints on my office wall. 

The wedding was at an incredible location, the food was outstanding, we laughed pretty much constantly throughout the entire day, and I somehow ended up in the water again taking pictures. Go figure. To end an incredible day, we all took turns with a Colt .45 and did some target practice on an ill-fated stump. The last photo in this post is Natalie’s dad, and a very, very lucky shot of catching the bullet in the frame. I can now say I caught a bullet at a wedding.

One highlight out of the day was the neighbors that randomly drove past on their horse-drawn wagon and ended up giving the bride and groom (and some crazy photographer) a ride.

Did I mention the cake was from Bernice’s Bakery, complete with huckleberry filling? I have a dirty love affair with that place. It’s kind of amazing. 

Sincere thanks and utmost admiration to Jeremiah Spray for spending a few days on the road with me and shooting the wedding as well. You, sir, are a madman and a great photographer. 


Seriously, though. My goat. He’s awesome, huh?





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