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one fake wedding, one crazy bald guy ~ the unwedding workshop

  I’m doing something that I never imagined myself doing.    No. It’s not naked yoga, but it’s close. Real close.    I’m hosting a workshop for photographers that are wanting to get into shooting weddings, but are still a little bit freaked out by the entire process of it. Basically I’ve taken every crazy […]

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hey, girl ~ an open letter to my brides

Dearest you,  Just in case you need a little push in the direction of doing your own thing for your wedding, allow me to remind you that traditions can be started by anyone. They can also be completely avoided by anyone. And a lot of them, in regards to weddings, have absolutely ridiculous and outdated […]

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and then i snotted ~ #grouphug

Sometimes I’m serious.    It doesn’t happen a lot. But it happens.    Last night I was going along being all not serious, when Leah texted. One of those really humbling, stop what you’re doing and snot for a minute texts.   For those of you that continuously blow my mind with the love and […]

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