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Dear Anyone That May Ever Get Married Ever,



This is a first look.



It’s when a couple sees each other before the ceremony. It’s a few moments to get away from the insanity that is Other People’s Drama on your wedding day and talk/hug/kiss/breathe/laugh about how drunk your family already is. It’s super beneficial for both you and your entire wedding, as the majority of your photos will be finished before your ceremony ever happens. It is, in fact, one of the only times you’ll have to yourselves the entire day.

Some people will tell you to not do it because it won’t be as special when you walk down the aisle to each other, but as my good friend Chris demonstrates here, that’s not the case. At all. #iLoveYouMan

Some people will also tell you that it’s not traditional to see each other before the wedding ceremony. And they’re right, it’s not traditional.

Because back when that tradition came about, Bubba Jr. rode his tricycle across the desert, handed some cows and donkeys to your dad and 45 brothers, and …lean close……until you were bought and paid for, sold to a baby-makin’ dream come true, your veil stayed on.

It stayed on in case you were ugly and he didn’t want to buy you. Your worth, quite literally, was based from the neck down.

Warms your heart, huh?

Bottom line, as always, it’s your wedding day. It’s a party to celebrate your love story. And you can do whatever you want to. Just make sure it’s what each other wants.

Everyone else and their opinions are welcome to book a session and we’ll shoot a wedding for them as well. Birdsong Photography pacifiers included.


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