melissa and brian ~ bighorn lodge wedding ~ kalispell, montana wedding photographer

I suppose it started out like any other normal rehearsal on the side of a perfect lake in Montana, but then the whiskey, beer, and instruments showed up, and a full on jam session was had.

From that moment until the following evening (which somehow found us all in an extremely cold river in the middle of a field, Melissa and Brian in their canoe, and I in a borrowed boat with a *really* borrowed car battery with which to power it and two glasses of wine) it was an unforgettable wedding weekend.


Sincere thanks to my B.F.A.M. and ridiculously talented photographer, Mr. Jeremiah Spray, for making this trip with me and shooting incredibly gorgeous work as always. Always great to shoot with you, my friend.


Melissa and Brian, thanks for the wonderful memories, I’ll see you in Nashville.


Special thanks to whomever the car battery belonged to. It was dark. There was wine. I’m like 85% sure it made it back.





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