liz and spencer ~ jacksonville, florida engagement session ~ destin, florida wedding photographer

A few months ago I got to spend a couple of hours with Liz and Spencer in Jacksonville, FL for the engagement session. It was a complete love fest at first meeting for all of us, and the laughter started instantly and kept going throughout the entire session.


Especially during the dirty thoughts portion, where one person whispers something completely inappropriate to the other, and hilarious facial expressions ensue. (*Tip – dear photographers, don’t try this with people that have no personalities. It ends horribly, I promise. #awkward )



We ended the evening on the beach, briefly freaked out some seagulls, and created some magic with the last bits of light.


Such a great shoot with these two ~


destin wedding photographer 1destin wedding photographer 2

destin wedding photographer 3

destin wedding photographer 4
destin wedding photographer 5destin wedding photographer 6destin bay house 7

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