kelli & devin ~ a destin bay house wedding ~ destin florida wedding photographer

This was an absolutely perfect day. 


I’mma preach a minute, you aight with that? Aight. 



I love great wedding vendors. Not like, fist bump, bro hug love. But deep, dirty, sincere, 50 shades of adore….love. 


For the glorious and wonderful state of Florida, hands down my favorite wedding vendors in the Gulf Coast area are the Destin Bay House, Heyward McKenzie with Culinary Catering 365, and Vaughn VanAmburg with Vaughn VanAmburg DJ. Whenever I get a call from a bride and she tells me that this is the group of vendors she’s picked, I usually do this Chris Farley-esque happy dance on the other end of the phone with some weird animal grunting noises of happiness. That’s a true story. Just ask Kelli. 


I love these people because they’re completely amazing at what they do. All of them. And I know that when all these people come together to put on a wedding, I have absolutely jack squat to worry about in regards to my couple having a really great wedding day. And you know what? A happy couple makes for happy photos. And that makes me happy. And it’s a big old happy cycle of happiness. See?


That said, I was fortunate enough to work with this Awesome Group of Amazing People for Kelli and Devin’s wedding a couple of months ago. It was an absolutely gorgeous day with some really amazing people, and in spite of a tiny bit of rain that evening, all went amazingly well for that day. 


To Kelli and Devin, thanks for allowing me to be a part of your amazing day. I wish you guys all the best. To Erin, Heyward, and Vaughn, thank you guys for being absolutely amazing. Here’s to many more years of group hugs and selfies. To the insanely talented Anne Almasy, thanks for hanging out and shooting this wedding with me. You kicked all kinds of photographical butt. 




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