priscilla & kevin ~ shark fin cove engagement ~ santa cruz, california wedding photographer

I’ve gotten a lot of things from social media that I never expected. 


And before everyone hands me penicillin, I was actually speaking of good friends in this instance. 


Kevin and I have been in a deep bromance on Instagram for the last several years. We’d always mention meeting up and finally hanging out, but he’d either be in Iceland while I was in California, or I’d be texting him about trying to not run over alligators in Florida at 1 am while he was in some other part of the world. All true stories. 


So this meeting, while long overdue, happened during the middle part of the Great Roadtrip of 2014 that went from Oklahoma, to Montana, to California, back through Sedona, AZ, then back to Oklahoma. And it just so happened that he was about to get married a few weeks from the time I was passing through with my friend Jeremiah Spray, so we all opted for an impromptu engagement session and dinner afterwards. 


I’m really, really glad we did. The session was amazing. And aside from the worst case of poison ivy I’ve ever had in my life from climbing up and down the cliffs, it was an absolutely awesome experience. 


Sincere thanks to Kevin and Priscilla for hanging out with two crazy nerds for a few hours on the beach. 


I big puffy heart you guys. 






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