lindsay & justin ~ wedding ~ fort lauderdale, florida wedding photographer

There’s two parts of this wedding that will forever stick out in my caffeine-addled brain – 

There was the angry Nazi wedding coordinator for the hotel. I’m not entirely sure how this person still had their job, but I do remember her coming up to me and poking me in the chest and telling me everything I was and wasn’t going to do. That lasted for a few seconds until  I literally started laughing out loud I was so shocked. And evidently that irritates angry people. It was at that moment the father of the bride walked up, handed me a drink, put his arm around me, and we both sipped our drinks and watched this person’s head continue to spin. God bless you, ma’am, wherever you are. 

And my favorite part of this wedding was that the evening ended long after the ceremony was over. In the very nice lobby of this very nice hotel, sat a very nice grand piano. Next to this very nice grand piano, was a very nice hotel bar that was still open, so myself and about 12 of the bridal party and family lingered there while I played piano, singing anything we could think of, well past 2AM. That….was an absolutely amazing night. 


Only then I remembered we were supposed to wake up and do a morning shoot with Lindsay and Justin on the beach, and thanks to large quantities of Einstein Brothers coffee, that was able to happen. 


To Lindsay, Justin, and your wonderful friends and families, thank you for letting me spend a couple of days with all of you. It was wonderful and memorable to say the least. 





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