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I adore New Orleans. And I adore this couple. 


I’m going to keep this blog post short, because if I go all emo sappy on everyone while talking about these two, it’ll be a really long blog post. 


I first met Satch and Harms several years ago in Pensacola, Florida before I actually moved to Pensacola the following year. I drove from Tulsa, OK, to Florida, and I’ll never forget walking into the hotel room they’d gotten for me and finding this huge basket of goodies with an amazingly sweet handwritten thank you card. 


We instantly became close friends, and they’ve been so incredibly kind to me along the way of this crazy business I’ve found myself in. There’ve been more times than I can count of showing up at their door in Colorado at random odd hours of the day and night and having a place to sleep and hands down the best home cooked meals you could find anywhere. 


Seriously. I’ve called and texted so many times to get recipes for things she’s made me over the years, it’s crazy. And probably why I no longer have a six pack.  Ok. I’ve never had a six pack, but if I’d had one, it would be gone now. 


A couple of years ago they moved to Louisiana where Satch was stationed, and I got to see them a little more frequently as I drive that way for the Florida road trips. Only this time I get the added bonus of hanging out with their adorably sweet baby girl who showed up a little bit after this session was shot in New Orleans. 


It’s been awhile since I’ve stopped and commented on the kindness of friends and former strangers I’ve encountered along the way. Entire families that have adopted me, probably because I looked like I needed a blanket and a bowl of soup when I showed up, but still. 


Satch and Harms, you know how much I love you both. Thanks for always being the biggest supporters and greatest friends I could ask for. 


Ok. Maybe it wasn’t that short. #sorrynotsorry


Group hug. Everyone. 







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