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Incoming dirty little secret in 3…2…1…


I love the Destin Bay House.  It is, in fact, my favorite venue to shoot at in Destin, Florida  Erin Shoults is one of the most awesome venue coordinators I’ve ever worked with. 


If you add in my favorite caterer, Heyward McKenzie with Culinary Catering 365, I get stupidly excited. If you ever have a chance to try his crab cakes, do it.


But if you top that vendor duo off with Vaughn VanAmburg as the DJ, my world explodes in a trifecta of perfection and unicorn glitter and kittens fall from the sky in little parachutes of fabulousness and once all of us are on property, we group hug/chest bump/Care Bear Stare/high five/happy dance because (though they’ll never admit it openly) all four of us big puffy heart each other. True story. Aside from them all being awesome people, they’re the best at what they do. 


Seriously. I throw a dance party in my office every time I find out we’re all doing a wedding together. It’s happening again in April. Dance party happened because of that. 


The best part about all of that verbal group hugging is that we all had a wonderfully sweet couple to work with for this wedding. Ashely and Corey were married on the beach, and got ready and had their reception at the Bay House. We even threw in a Dirty Thoughts  session on the beach, which is where the bride (usually) whispers the absolute dirtiest thing she can think of in the groom’s ear, and facial hilarity ensues. Top the evening off with a group shot and a groomsman in a speedo, and I’m not really sure how the day could’ve gone better. 


My dearest Destin, I’ll see you soon.







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