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 I have a confession.

No, not that confession. Thanks to the good folks at the Monroe County Sheriff’s Department, some industrial garbage bags, and an obscene amount of bleach, that particular incident never happened. 



My confession is that I actually didn’t plan for this blog to happen today.

In all honesty, I don’t ever actually plan to blog. My blogs come about because enough of my dearest friends gently nudge, nay, curse vehemently at me in that ” Hey, you need to blog so people think you’re still alive” kind of way. I know there’s this fantastical idea that you’re supposed to blog once a week and try and appear to be marvelous and fabulous and in love with love and all that pile of steaming horse nuggets, but let’s be honest; that’s not me. It’s never been me. I’m good just being the crazy dude with the awesome clients. Somewhere there’s this misconception that you have to blog constantly with lots of pictures of details and submit to the wedding blogs and kiss everyone’s nether regions (hahahahah I said nether)  to get published so you can be one of the cool kids, and be this fake, sparkly-toothed, Pinterest-humping, emo romanticist just to remain relevant in the wedding photography world. Except a long time ago I figured out that dog didn’t hunt.*


*A polite redneck way of saying that a particular piece of information is, in fact, a complete and utter load of crap. 


The blunt truth of it all is that I’m not actually in love with love. Even better, I don’t even know what the heck that means. I have no desire to be a rockstar, I couldn’t care less how popular I am with other photographers, and the amount of brainpower I give to fitting in with what the hip and trendy wedding blogs and magazines want is somewhere between wondering how much fiber is needed for a solid poo and trying to remember if I turned off my curling iron.

Exactly. I don’t have a curling iron.


 I digress.


Fallon and David were married a little over four years ago. They’re an incredibly sweet couple, their family an absolute joy to be around, and the wedding itself was perfect. One of the random cool facts from their wedding was that Michael Wallis, aka the voice of Sheriff on Disney/Pixar’s movie Cars, was the officiant. At the time my kids were fairly young and I’d watched that movie on repeat for about 3 months. I will absolutely admit that several times throughout their ceremony I briefly closed my eyes and envisioned this cartoon car reciting wedding vows to them. Kind of blew my mind. 

Another thing that blew my mind was that Fallon emailed me last night, completely out of the blue. Normally, I keep these kinds of emails to myself. I have never seen the point for having testimonials on websites, or sections of ” HEY LOOK, ALL THESE PEOPLE THINK I’M COOL SO YOU SHOULD THINK I’M COOL TOO, YAYYYYYY!”. 

Just feels weird to me. 

That aside, this entire blog is actually because of Fallon’s email. Mostly because it’s an incredibly sweet email, and partly because it’s a ” Hey, all you rawr-infested love monkeys out there, if photos are important to you, pick your photographer carefully because that’s all your grandkids are going to have to look at someday. Unless your aunt actually sends you those photos she took with her giant iPad while standing in the middle of the aisle.” #stabstabstab


With her permission I’m using it here to close this rambling bit of…rambling.

 Knowing my clients love their photos makes me happy. Knowing my clients still love their photos four years later and get to relive the memories of their wedding day while their children discover their wedding photos for the first time is just kind of awesome.  

To Fallon, sincere thanks again for making my day and taking time to send that. I’ll see you guys in Ft. Collins. 




” hi brett,

you may, or  may not, remember me. my name is fallon fritz. i was married on 7-11-09 at the tulsa historic society building. you (and your then spouse) were my photogs. i know this is completely random, forgive me, but today my 2 year old son, maximus, picked up my wedding album. and there you go.

you see, he is just at the age where he is really interested in books. he likes for me to read them sometimes and other times he just wants to look at the pictures and see what objects he can identify. for the new ones, he will ask, “mommy. is this?” and i fill in the blanks. he was pretty stoked to find that he could identify most of the characters present in the wedding book. as we turned the pages, i was sucked back in time and remembered how special that entire weekend was. my days are so full of cooking and trucks and cleaning and diapering and dinosaurs and bathing and cooking some more and legos and then usually an argument over tv and probably some more books, that i rarely pick up my wedding album to admire how this crazy blur that landed me right smack in the middle of perfection ever started. i am a pretty lucky gal.

anyway, as i looked at my book i couldn’t help but admire the work and talent that went in to making me and my hubs look like movie stars or models or maybe models turned movie stars. it was the hottest day of the year in 2009 (seriously) (not just commenting on the heat). i really really really wanted an outdoor wedding on those stairs next to the fountain, but was talked into moving in inside for the health of my guests (so glad i did). but, i still craved pics of us outside in the grass and gardens and with that incredible building behind us (my father in law was the architect that did it’s renovation and addition). you did it. and looking at the photos, you can’t tell that i was remotely warm or that there were crickets crawling up the layers of my gown. you guys did an amazing job. you came to our rehearsal dinner, ceremony, reception, and brunch. i’m so thankful that we chose you to catalog the whole experience. and selfishly thankful that i don’t have a book of junk pictures to show my kid when i try to explain how cool his dad and mom were back in the day. you’re awesome.

give us a heads up if your ever in the fort collins, co area. i’m a vegetarian now, but there’s a burger joint down town whose veggie burger (in my opinion, as best i can remember) rivals weber’s in tulsa and puts in-n-out to shame. i’m just sayin’. you may want to check it out. they serve a burger that is called the 60/40. it’s 60% beef and 40% bacon. i’m not kidding. i’ve almost thrown my veg status overboard for one of those bad boys. big al’s. google them. and then drive here. and call me. i would totally buy you lunch for an excuse to chow down on their truffle oil fries and a milk shake.

take it easy,
and thanks again for the awesome memories,
fallon fritz “




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