jackie & james ~ denver, colorado wedding photographer

Let me first say that if you ever have the chance to drive across Kansas, pass on it.

There’s a lot of other things you could do that would give you the same amount of satisfaction, like…oh…sticking your hand in a blender while it’s running at top speed. Then pouring hot sauce on what’s left of your hand. Then letting an angry raccoon chew on it. While pouring nail polish remover in your eye.

Not that I have any issues with Kansas..

But once you actually get through Kansas, and make it to Colorado, life is once again worth living. Snow capped mountains, beautiful scenery, and Denver. I’m kind of fond of Denver. Micro-breweries galore, great food, beautiful mountains a short drive away, and of course Einstein Bagels are abundant. I’ll save my sick obsession with that place for another blog though.

Jackie and James got married at May Farms right outside of Denver in Byers, CO. The weather was beautiful, sunset was gorgeous, and everything came together for a really great wedding. 


Sincere thanks to Jeremiah Spray for making the trek down from Montana to shoot this wedding with me, and getting incredibly awesome shots during it. I can’t express the creative genius of this guy, but shooting with him is a blast. I’ll see you in Montana in a couple of weeks my friend. 




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