dude feels like a lady ~

In case you haven’t noticed by now, there’s no particular order to my blog posts. 

*audience laughs*


No, really. I’m serious. 


This is from a wedding I shot in December, and every time I go back through the photos I end up laughing at the memory of the moment. 


The bride and groom had just finished the bouquet and garter toss, at which point the guy that catches the garter gets to put it on the leg of whomever caught the bouquet. Which actually was a bridesmaid, but as soon as the groomsman that caught the garter was blindfolded, the father of the groom took the bridesmaid’s place in the Chair O’ Lovin. 


Blindfolded dude. Pushing a garter up dad’s leg. And the blindfolded dude kept pushing. 

And then the blindfold came off. 


I’ve never laughed so hard at a wedding, and simply wanted to share the moment. 


Cheers ~



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