danielle & lawson ~ key west, florida wedding photographer

Once upon a time there was a young couple. 

He was military, she was slightly crazy. But they were madly in love, so it all evened out. 

And because she was slightly crazy, they hired me, and thus this story began. 


If I haven’t said it lately, I love Key West.

While all of the Florida Keys are unique and pretty, having very much an island feel to all of them, the farther you drive (or fly) away from the tip of Florida the more you’re surrounded by people that are quite happy with their island existence of bicycles, crab traps, flip flops, and not certain if the lower keys technically belong to the United States or not. In fact, if you spend any time with a few of the die hard locals, you’ll get several factual (rum-infused) reasons why Key West is it’s own country and wants absolutely nothing to do with the rest of the U.S. 

It’s basically a funky, cleaner version of New Orleans. Less puddles of  questionable liquids on the streets,  more cross-dressing bars, and if you walk too far down Duval Street either way, you’ll fall in the ocean.  And if you fall in the ocean, you’ll probably get attacked by the giant rock-ray of death. (Story of that here for those just joining us.)


That said, I love Key West. And I love this couple.


And did I mention there was a tractor? Heck yeah. And cake in the face? Yes, please. And a hundred million points to the couple for holding perfectly still long enough to pull off the long exposure shot at the end. 


Sincere thanks to Tiffany Coker of Avant Images for working with me on this wedding, creating beautiful work as always. 


Key West, I’ll see you soon ~



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