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Nelson, Nevada is about as far off the main road as you can get before you fall into a river. 


It’s about 20 minutes outside Las Vegas, your GPS won’t find it, and you’d best watch where you step because there’s a plethora of scorpions, rattlesnakes and various other things that aren’t pleasant crawling around. Not to mention the mountain goats that occasionally get cranky.

If, however, you can get past all the critters,  it’s hands down one of the most awesome locations I’ve ever shot at. 

This session was a few months ago during a stop in Vegas before heading on to Oregon for a wedding. The couple and I happened to be in Vegas at the same time, so we made it an impromptu shoot, and I’m seriously  glad we did.

We ended up completely running out of daylight, and shot well after dark thanks to the Canon 5D MKII and Canon 50mm 1.2 L lens I had overnighted from Borrowlenses.com. It got so dark in fact, there was nothing for the camera to lock focus on, so I ended up having one of them hold a flashlight on the ground, lock focus, turn the light off, then take the shot. Probably not the most technically sound way of doing things, and we ended up with some insane noise in the last few photos, but still very cool images and overall a really, really fun shoot. 

I’ve included a couple of non-traditional (for me at least) shots from the session of us basically goofing around for a bit. 


I absolutely love these.


Viva Las Vegas ~


* Special and sincere thanks to Tony and Bobbie Werly of Eldorado Canyon Mine Tours, Inc. for being extremely gracious and allowing us on their property to shoot after business hours. 



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