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It’s Monday.

And that calls for something completely serious.

This is a collection of my favorite behind the scenes shots of people, places and weird things I find that never (usually) make it to the blog. I absolutely love getting whomever I’m taking photos of at the moment laugh hysterically. Ten additional points if they snort.

The first photo is one of my all time favorites, and therefore gets it’s own full sized spot at the front of the line. This was one of several attempts at a quick family shot during a wedding last year. It was blazing hot, full sun, kids were absolutely not wanting to stand still, add to that the candy someone had slipped the kids a bit earlier, and thus was born this shot. I absolutely love how each person’s face in the photo tells a completely different story.

The mother, bless her heart, stayed focused on me the entire time. Stay strong mom. Little sister obviously wasn’t a fan, little brother number 1 on the bottom left, howling his disapproval at wearing a tie and being forced to stand still, the father, whispering sweet and gentle reminders to little brother number 2…..and there it is…

Little brother number 2. Little Rocker Dude. Brother screaming, sister pouting, heartfelt instructions coming from dad directly overhead, 100 degrees F. in the full sun, jacked up on sugar….and at the last minute, he throws his arms up and tells the entire world what he thinks about this particular situation.

Rock on little dude. Rock on.


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