happy fourth of july ~ ‘merica ~ birdsong wedding photography



American Flag on Barn

There’s moments in life that stick out in your brain more than others. 


First kiss. First really bad injury. Especially if those two happened at the same time. 


This time last year I was able to spend the evening of July 4th on the side of a mountain in Missoula, Montana. I’ve been on the side of that mountain many times, and I’ve seen fireworks many times, but what I’d never seen before was watching thousands of people set off their fireworks all across a huge valley at one time. It was one of the most incredible things I’ve ever seen. It almost made the hike up there and the subsequent collapsing and gasping for air while getting passed by entire families of people that were in shape worth it. 


Wherever you find yourself this Independence Day, whatever your plans may be, and whomever you may be with, I wish all of you a safe, wonderful, magical 4th of July filled with great memories. 


And just in case I have to say it, if your Roman Candle doesn’t go off, do yourself a favor and don’t look down the end of it to see what’s wrong.


You’ll thank me. Promise. 


Happy 4th, 



to tani & josh ~ and every other amazing client I’ve ever had ~ poems from yours truly

Here’s to my couples, the guys and the gals
that have enough guts to tip sacred cows. 
That know beyond doubt, at the end of the day
nothing sucks quite as much as ” We did it their way.”

Because ten years from now, when you’re smarter and fatter, 
all those other opinions really aren’t going to matter. 
Being true to yourselves by far will outweigh
Making everyone else happy on your wedding day. 

So hug the doubters, and comfort the criers
If you have to, hand out wedding day pacifiers. 
Do as you will. Go crazy, be bold. 
Because you’ve never been ones to do as you’re told. 

To the rebels, the crazies, the brave, and defiant
You have all my love, you insanely cool clients. 
Go forth, get hitched, bring the mad monkey love
And we’ll graciously tell haters, their opinions to shove. 



To Tani and Josh. The first couple I’ve seen walk each other down the aisle, just because they wanted to. 

Much love. 





hey, girl ~ an open letter to my brides

Dearest you,

 Just in case you need a little push in the direction of doing your own thing for your wedding, allow me to remind you that traditions can be started by anyone. They can also be completely avoided by anyone. And a lot of them, in regards to weddings, have absolutely ridiculous and outdated origins that if you Googled for a few minutes, you’d wonder why they’re still around at all.

All that’s technically required is that you’re legally married at the end of the day. What you do with all the time in between is completely and totally up to you.

Some of the happiest brides I’ve ever worked with have thrown tradition to the wind, ignored everyone that said the sky would fall if they dared to be different, and done their own thing. Don’t ever be afraid of that. If you want to have an all day party with a 15 minute ceremony in the middle of it, do that. If you want to hang out with each other before the wedding, do that. If you want to throw a bouquet of gift cards so everyone can participate instead of tossing flowers to the single folk, do that.

Your own imagination makes Pinterest look like the recycled garage sale of second hand ideas that it is. It’s your love story. Not anyone else’s.


Be yourselves. Go crazy. It really is your party.


I’m Brett Birdsong and I approve this message.


*drops mic*