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The UnWedding Workshop 2.0 ~ Destin Bay House ~ Destin Florida Wedding Photographer



If you are a photographer, and if you’ve ever wanted to follow me around at a wedding and ask questions, this is for you. 


The second UnWedding workshop is going to be held on Sunday, April the 26th at the gorgeous Destin Bay House in Destin, Florida from 2pm-6pm ish. I’ll stay as long as anyone has questions, etc. 


We’re going to be walking through a wedding from start to finish, from getting ready shots, to how not to completely irritate the other wedding vendors you’ll be working with through out the day, first looks, formal photos, the ceremony, and finally the reception. We’ll also be going over gear, software, and basic contract questions. Lots of  Q and A, lots of shooting, lots of inappropriate jokes.


Food and drinks will be provided, all you’ll need to bring is your cameras, a wide angle and a portrait lens, and something to take notes with if you’d like. 



The cost to attend is $400.00 per person, BUT…and this is a big but….the good folks over at Fundy Software have graciously agreed to sponsor a discount for anyone that downloads and tries out their blog/album design software by April the 23rd. After that date, anyone that’s signed up for the workshop and downloaded their trial software (it’s worth it, trust me) will receive a $50.00 refund from yours truly. 



And now a word from some past victims…I mean..attendees ~ 

Not only is the UnWedding Workshop one of the most fun things you could attend with one of the most talented photographers out there, it is a day where you can truly network with others in our field, pick Brett’s brain on his awesomeness, and just might be lucky enough to have Mother Nature create a beautiful day. (In our case, snow!) This workshop was helpful to me, teaching me flow during the wedding day as well as time management. Brett talked through different things to be aware of during the day that I may not have thought of and would have had to learn the hard way. He brought in top vendors to help create the experience and they were able to tell us what photographers can do at times to make their jobs harder. This workshop gave me the confidence to get out there and build my wedding business. Don’t miss it!” ~ Erika Featherstone,  Katie Erika Photography


The UnWedding Workshop was beyond helpful in growing my photography business as a whole. I also had the opportunity to network with other photographers who are working hard to build their business just like me and in the same boat! Brett did an amazing job taking the time to answer all of our questions, as well as giving us tips on the best flow of a wedding day, how to handle a problem client,  and really helped give me confidence in my abilities as a professional. I loved the opportunity to go through a typical wedding day with Brett while shooting a gorgeous couple where he gave us tips along the way. He went over all the gear he uses during a wedding day, how to pose your couple and wedding party naturally, as well as sharing some tips to keeping the bride calm, cool, and collected, which is always a valuable ability to have on a wedding day! He taught us to really “Shoot what matters”, and not get bogged down by comparisons and getting published because that’s not what any of this is about. It’s about serving your clients and going above and beyond to provide them with memories. I would highly recommend the UnWedding Workshop! And there are mimosas!!” ~ Angela, Hazel and Haze Photography



You can shoot me an email at with any questions, or sign up via the Paypal link below. 


See you there!







andrea & matt ~ skyloft, university of tulsa, cain’s ballroom wedding ~ tulsa oklahoma wedding photographer

There’s so many completely amazing moments to this wedding….


One of which was standing in the middle of the street in downtown Tulsa and having the bridesmaids scream at me as loudly as they could. Why? I have no earthly clue, but it made a fun photo, and that’s what I wanted. 


The entire day was amazing. Starting out at the Skyloft in Tulsa, then heading over to the University of Tulsa where Matt originally proposed to Andrea with a brick he’d had made and placed on the grounds there, and then finally ending up at the completely awesome Cain’s Ballroom for the reception. 


The night ended with one of my favorite sparkler shots I’ve ever done. The added bonus was that the location we were in that night was just a little bit sketchy, and we scared off some kids making out in their car that was parked close by. Come to think of it, if I was somewhere in the middle of the night trying to make out with someone in a car, and suddenly this bearded bald guy showed up and started yelling at these two people to keep kissing and hold still while he ran around them in circles with sparklers….I’d probably freak out and go home, too. 


Sorry, kids. 


To Andrea & Matt, thanks for an absolutely wonderful wedding day. 






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melissa & brian ~ san diego engagement session ~ san diego california wedding photographer


I’ve always had one rule regarding engagement sessions – as long as you have someone to bail all of us out of jail, I’m up for anything when it comes to the shoot itself. 


And while (thankfully) we didn’t need bail money for this session, or a paramedic, we still went a little bit crazy going down the side of some cliffs in San Diego to play on the beach. Throw in a banjo and some fur-babies, and we had a perfect shoot.

Brian and Melissa are getting married later this year in the great state of Montana, and I’m stupid excited to hang out with them for that. This day ended in dinner and drinks, followed by an impromptu bluegrass jam session back at their place that evening. That did not suck. 


Dear San Diego, you kind of rock. 







san diego wedding photographer-1
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emily & aaron ~ tulsa engagement ~ tulsa oklahoma wedding photographer

Engagement sessions make me happy. 


Engagement sessions with really adorable people that are stupid about each other makes me even happier. 


I shot the wedding for these two lovebirds this last weekend out at the gorgeous Skelly Lodge, and it was a fantastic day. These are from their engagement session a few months back, which consisted of hanging out downtown and acting like dorks for a couple of hours. 


Oh. And. Dat ring, doe.


amanda and dan ~ los angeles, california wedding ~ los angeles california wedding photographer

I love California. 


I also love the fact that this wedding was the second time I’d gotten to hang out with this family. The last time I’d gotten to hang out with everyone was at a wedding in Montana that ended up with me adopting a goat, the family adopting me, and everyone shooting guns at a stump. 


That’s a true story. 


This time around, we all met up in Los Angeles for Amanda and Dan’s wedding. The day was absolutely gorgeous, and I loved getting to spend time with these amazing people again. Throw in some freaking awesome views and some pink hair, and the entire day kicked ass. 


Dearest adopted California family, thanks for all the love and support. 


Group hug. 





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